the 2021 global people’s summit

Alongside the 76th session of the united nations general assembly

We The People: Collective Consciousness & Democratizing Change

“Taking the conversations from the street into the corridors of power”

Save the date: September 2021

Summit Information Coming Soon!

the Summit theme

Almost a quarter of the world’s countries are experiencing a surge in protest and unrest. While the world commemorates the 75th year anniversary of the United Nations and grapples with a global pandemic, we are witnessing rapid deterioration in stability and major disruptions to the status quo. Though community grievances are unique, most have commonalities often stemming from inequality, injustice and despair – further exacerbated by COVID-19. The pandemic has forced us to recognize the inefficiency and inequity of our systems and has provided the world an unparalleled opportunity to ‘build back better’.

the opportunity

Present civil movements and mobilizations have shown that people globally are not only more aware of social problems, but they are also eager to be partners in the solution. Rather than perceiving activism and demands for change as radical, negative and threatening, the Global People’s Summit aims to bridge the gap and facilitate civic engagement to democratize change. As a convener and facilitator, the Global People’s Summit creates the space for on-going conversations, movement building and co-creation of solutions to address global and local development challenges. The Global People’s Summit is committed to leveraging technology and global networks to ensure that all people—regardless of geography, socio-economic background or identity—are included in shaping the future.

the Objectives

At a time when global challenges seem insurmountable and the global leadership to solve critical global problems is falling short, the Global People’s Summit will boldly inspire a new-way forward. A vision built on collective action, unlocking human talent and passion, and inspiring social innovation both inside and outside of big “systems.” We will do this by:

  • Launching thematic BrainsTrusts that deep-dive into understanding key topics
  • Facilitating civic-conversation with high-level officials, world leaders, and the UN system
  • Creating the foundation to better advocate for more effective policies and political outcomes
  • Developing a roadmap for collective action
  • Brokering partnerships between system influencers, activists, NGO leaders, academics, funders and businesses

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